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Shan Feiming y Lu Yanpeng exponen en la M97 Gallery de Shanghai

Dos grandes fotógrafos exponentes de la explosión artística que vive la China actual

La Galería M97 y M97 Projet Space de Shanghai, especializada en fotografía contemporánea, es una de las más renombradas y rompedoras de la megalópolis china. La galería informa a PROPRONews de las próximas exposiciones en ambos espacios de estos dos grandes artistas, Shan Feiming y Lu Yanpeng, que se inauguran el próximo 16 de junio. Nuestro periódico, en su afán de acercar a los lectores españoles y chinos residentes en nuestro país la actualidad artística internacional, mantendrá periódicamente esta conexión con el mundo de la creación en Extremo Oriente.




M97 Project Space / M97项目空间

Opening Reception: June 16, 4-7pm / 6月16日 (周六)下午4点-7点开幕

SHAN FEIMING was born in Zhejiang province in 1978 and is a graduate of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art. He was influenced by the photographs of the German film director Wim Wenders, and used the proceeds of a scholarship from the academy to buy his first camera. He later completed photography studies at the Brunswick Art Institute in Germany. In 2014, he received The New Generation award for his Waking from Hibernation series in the annual Modern Weekly Photography Awards. He currently lives and works in Hangzhou.

La galería se encuentra en el 97 de Moganshan Lu, en uno de los más pujantes distritos artísticos de la ciudad.

Shan Feiming’s Jungle, a seven-meter long, five-panel installation, will be exhibited for the first time outside of China at the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany, in the exhibition «China 8: Works In Progress. Photography in China» (May 15 – Sept 13, 2015).

Obra de Shan Feiming para esta exposición.
Obra de Shan Feiming para esta exposición.



M97 Gallery / M97画廊

Opening Reception: June 16, 4-7pm / 展览开幕:6月16日下午4点-7点

LU YANPENG was born in 1984 in Fujian Province. He graduated from the Art Institute of Fujian University in 2005 and since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions both in China and internationally. Lu Yanpeng received the top award at the 2011 Pingyao International Photography Festival for Best Photographer for his work “Open Air”, being the youngest artist to ever receive this award. He presently lives and works in Beijing.

Obra de Lu Yanpeng para esta exposición.
Obra de Lu Yanpeng para esta exposición.

Lu Yanpeng observes the world initially through a contemporary photographic lens. He then over-paints his photos of classic Chinese beauty spots, celebrated in countless scroll paintings through the ages, using the traditional pen-and-ink technique of his artist forebears to create mysterious, sometimes bizarre and often humorous images that challenge our vision of the world. Lu Yanpeng’s monochromatic work creates a bridge between the art-forms of painting and photography. It offers a parallel with the way in which we live our lives, combines the real with the imaginary, and echoes the distortion of our own perception. There is an almost X-ray quality to his paintings allowing us to see through the misty images so typical of Chinese scenic art, and inviting us to penetrate the surface in order to discover our own personal interpretation of reality.


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